My Unpopular Plant Opinions

1. Don't water on a schedule Good-bye to watering days because watering on a schedule is the best way to overwater. Instead, let your plant tell you when it needs water. When leaves start to droop or curl it's a sign that you might need to water. And always check your dirt to make sure the top is dry before watering. You can use a water meter or just stick in your finger to the first knuckle to make sure the soil is dried out. It's so much better to underwater than overwater, so when in doubt, wait another day or two.  2. Pots don't need drainage holes This is the one that gets people mad, but hear me out. Plants...

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Best Plants for Your Bathroom

Do you have plants in your bathroom?!! It may the most underrated spot for plants. Plants improve air quality and can even help fend off bacteria in your bathroom. Not to mention plants are scientifically proven to brighten your mood, so why not put them in one of the first places you likely go every morning? The only downside is not every plant can thrive in a bathroom. Since there are often not a lot of windows and high humidity it isn't the best environment for temperamental plants. However, there are lots that can thrive in a bathroom setting! Here's a list of my favorites--- 1. Snake Plant Snake plants are perfect for a bathroom. They do great in low light, don't need...

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My #1 Plant Tip

Ok, I know, there are several things you need for proper plant care. But 95% of the time when I talk to people about why their plant is dying, it's the same problem.... OVERWATERING! So if I could give anyone who thinks they're a brown thumb one tip, it is to water less often. You still want to give it a good soak, but then let the soil dry out between watering. You want the top inch of the soil to do dry. And if you're not sure, wait a few more days.  Plants have a much easier time recovering from under watering than over watering. This is because overwatering can rot the roots and create irreversible damage.  It can...

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How to Care for Monstera Deliciosa (split-leaf philodendron)

Maybe the best way to turn your home into a tropical jungle is with the monstera deliciosa. They are so fun, they grow fast and are very easy to take care of. Read on for a guide on how to keep them happy. 

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