Best Plants for Plant Newbs

One of my biggest mistakes when I first started buying houseplants was just picking ones that I liked instead of what I could reasonably take care of. That lead to a lot of dead plants and discouragement. If I had known, I would have started with some of these plants! They are super easy to take care, often thrive in low light and with infrequent watering. They are great plants to start with and then work up to some other ones! 

1. Snake plant

Once I learned what a snake plant was I started seeing them everywhere! Turns out there's a reason why -- they are so easy to take care! They can do indoor or outdoor, they can do low light or bright light. They got it all. And there are quite a few variations, so you're sure to find one that you like. 

2. ZZ plant

My zz plant was the plant that made me feel like I actually could keep a plant alive! I once was gone for 3 months and came back and the zz was still thriving (I don't recommend this). They don't mind neglect and look pretty too.

3. Rubber Plant

They're not fake! Sometimes they look like they are, but they're just strong and resistant to the elements! Perfect for a beginner. 

4. Pothos / Devil's Ivy

Another type with so many variations! And all beautiful. A lot of pothos can also be used for hanging planters which is really what we're all looking for.

5. Prayer Plant

Those leaves! I love them and they'll love you, even if you forget to water them. 



Any of these should make you feel like you have the greenest thumb in the land!

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