Best Plants for Your Bathroom

best bathroom plants

Do you have plants in your bathroom?!! It may the most underrated spot for plants. Plants improve air quality and can even help fend off bacteria in your bathroom. Not to mention plants are scientifically proven to brighten your mood, so why not put them in one of the first places you likely go every morning?

The only downside is not every plant can thrive in a bathroom. Since there are often not a lot of windows and high humidity it isn't the best environment for temperamental plants. However, there are lots that can thrive in a bathroom setting! Here's a list of my favorites---

1. Snake Plant

Snake plants are perfect for a bathroom. They do great in low light, don't need a lot of water, but love humidity. They are extremely tough to kill.

2. Golden Pathos

These are perfect for a shelf or a hanging plant because the vines will grow long and down. 

3. Orchid

Ok, I know orchids are temperamental, but they actually do really well in the high humidity! As long as you have a little bit of light coming in, these babies will do just fine. 

4. Aloe Vera

My favorite, I've had an aloe vera plant in my shower for years and it does great! These ones like moisture, so they do best in a bathroom with a shower that is used often. 

5. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants do well in every environment, so a bathroom is no exception. These plants are ones I always recommend to beginners because they are tough to kill. They don't mind low light or irregular watering and they look beautiful!


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