How to Care for Bird of Paradise Plants

bird of paradise care
Love talking about these gorgeous plants! They are tall with huge leaves so they are perfect to fill any corner in your home. They are tropical plants so they like it warm, bright and humid.
These love bright light, so you want to give it as much light as possible, but should avoid direct summer sun. They can even be put outside in a partly shady spot in the summer, but you'll need to acclimate them to the outdoors. 
These babies bloom amazing flowers! They will only do so once they are mature (at least 4 years old) and with enough light. 
Water deeply when the soil dries out. Typically once every 1-3 weeks depending on conditions and the size of the plant. You can use a water meter or test it with your hands. 
Bird of Paradise like to be in snug containers, so don't repot until the roots are visible at the top of the soil or through the drainage holes.
Feed monthly in the spring and summer and wipe down the leaves regularly. 
Common Problems
If the leaves start turning brown this may be a sign of underwatering or low humidity. If the leaves turn yellow, this may be a sign of overwatering although, yellowing leaves at the bottom is normal as they will shed their old leaves especially in colder months. 

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