How to Care for Monstera Deliciosa (split-leaf philodendron)

Maybe the best way to turn your home into a tropical jungle is with the monstera deliciosa. They are so fun, they grow fast and are very easy to take care of.
They don't love direct light, but do well in bright light or even slightly shaded. They can survive in lower temperatures, but will only grow when it's over 65 degrees. 
Water deeply when the soil dries out. Typically once every 1-3 weeks depending on conditions and the size of the plant. You can use a water meter or test it with your hands. 
Monsteras like to be in snug containers, so don't repot until the roots are visible at the top of the soil or through the drainage holes. When they start to get tall (about 2-3 ft) it will need support to grow upright (such as a moss pole or bamboo cane).
Monsteras have aerial roots that can start to get a little crazy as they grow. You can either tuck them into the pot or cut them or if they bother you, it won't hurt the plant. 
Feed monthly in the spring and summer and wipe down the leaves regularly. 
Common Problems
Monsteras start to "cry" when the soil is too wet (water literally drops from the end of their leaves), while this isn't a bad thing, if it happens every time you water, you'll want to allow it to dry out more between waterings. 
If your plant doesn't have split leaves, it might just be too young, they only grow as the plant matures. If your plant is mature and the leaves aren't split, it is a sign your plant isn't happy. Make sure it is getting enough light and not too much water. 

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