My Unpopular Plant Opinions

1. Don't water on a schedule

Good-bye to watering days because watering on a schedule is the best way to overwater. Instead, let your plant tell you when it needs water. When leaves start to droop or curl it's a sign that you might need to water. And always check your dirt to make sure the top is dry before watering. You can use a water meter or just stick in your finger to the first knuckle to make sure the soil is dried out. It's so much better to underwater than overwater, so when in doubt, wait another day or two. 

2. Pots don't need drainage holes

This is the one that gets people mad, but hear me out. Plants definitely need drainage, but you can get that in different ways. A layer of rocks at the bottom works (some people say it doesn't, but it does if you know how much water to give it). Or keep it in the nursery pot and use a cache pot. This is my favorite method because nursery pots have great drainage and you don't need to move your plant when you water it.

3. Leave it in the nursery pot

This is related to #2 but I think it deserves its own explanation. It's tempting to repot your brand new plant, but it's best to keep it in the nursery pot for at least a year. You can use a pretty pot as a cache pot and your plant will love it. Nursery pots have great drainage, plus when the time comes it's easier to remove from a nursery pot than a solid ceramic or fiberglass planter. When it's time to repot, I love to repot into a bigger nursery pot (ask your local plant store if they sell these, usually they are just a couple dollars), it makes my life so much easier. Cache pots for the win!

4. Everything depends on where you live

I hear all the time people giving advice on humidity, how often to water and what direction the light is coming from. But I don't think any of that can be standard because it all depends on where you live. I live in the PNW where it's cloudy a lot and trees block most direct light, so the light is totally different for me than it might be for you. While it's good to take in why people are saying things, it's best to try out different things in your space and see what works. 

5. Fertilize in the winter

I hear all the time not to do this, but you should as long as the plan has new growth. For me it's about 50/50 on plants that grow through the winter, but you definitely need to fertilize the ones that are.

The thing I've learned about plants is that there is not just one right way to keep them alive. If yours are thriving, you are doing it right! Take what people say with a grain of salt and see what works best for you xx

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