Plants That Make the Best Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for a gift that will last, might I suggest a houseplant? There are so many houseplants that have gorgeous flowers and they will last a lifetime **with proper care. Here are a few of my favorites. 



These plants are so easy to take of, and they have flowers all year round! I have been seeing these all the time recently in bouquets and my hot take is to leave them in the soil and give the gift that won't die after a week. 

stromanthe plant     


I might have just picked this because of the hints of pink, but they're so fun! They are also a breeze to care for and the leaves are beautiful. 

rubber plant    

Rubber Plant

This might be the lease "Valentine-y", but it's one of my favorite plants and does have hints of red. Like the name suggests, these plants look kind of fake because of their thick leaves and their sturdy disposition. They are so hard to kill and never even look sad without major neglect. They are the perfect gift in my opinion.


pink Chinese evergreen   pink Chinese evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

These come in so many different leaf variations, but of course I picked pink for this post. These gorgeous plants will add a pop of color to any home and are also very easy to care. 


urn plant   bromeliad


My picture here doesn't show it because they only bloom once, but these plants will bloom an incredible flower right in the middle in the spring. Such a fun alternative to flowers. 


These are not my favorites because I find them very temperamental. But they are gorgeous flowers and even if you kill them, they will still last longer than cut flowers.

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