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My #1 Plant Tip

Ok, I know, there are several things you need for proper plant care. But 95% of the time when I talk to people about why their plant is dying, it's the same problem.... OVERWATERING! So if I could give anyone who thinks they're a brown thumb one tip, it is to water less often. You still want to give it a good soak, but then let the soil dry out between watering. You want the top inch of the soil to do dry. And if you're not sure, wait a few more days.  Plants have a much easier time recovering from under watering than over watering. This is because overwatering can rot the roots and create irreversible damage.  It can...

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How to Care for Monstera Deliciosa (split-leaf philodendron)

Maybe the best way to turn your home into a tropical jungle is with the monstera deliciosa. They are so fun, they grow fast and are very easy to take care of. Read on for a guide on how to keep them happy. 

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How to Care for Bird of Paradise Plants

Love talking about these gorgeous plants! They are tall with huge leaves so they are perfect to fill any corner in your home. They are tropical plants so they like it warm, bright and humid. Light These love bright light, so you want to give it as much light as possible, but should avoid direct summer sun. They can even be put outside in a partly shady spot in the summer, but you'll need to acclimate them to the outdoors.  Flowers These babies bloom amazing flowers! They will only do so once they are mature (at least 4 years old) and with enough light.  Water Water deeply when the soil dries out. Typically once every 1-3 weeks depending on conditions...

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How to Care for Euphorbia Ingens (Cactus Euphorbia)

One of my favorite plants ever is the Euphorbia Ingens. In the wild, they grow into huge trees, but in a container they look more like saguaro cacti straight out of Arizona. They will immediately turn your home into a desert oasis. Light They are not difficult to care for, but they need a lot of light. They require at least 4 hours of bright light daily, however they can burn if in strong direct light so its usually best to keep a couple feet away from a bright window unless acclimated to direct light.  Watering Water deeply when the soil dries out. In the summer this might mean 1-2 times a week, in the winter this might mean once...

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