Hi I'm Jenny! Left On Olive was born out of my own frustrations shopping for planters. I couldn't find anything in the size I wanted that would look good in my home, so I decided to create it!

I was living in a tiny apartment in Los Angeles when I asked my boyfriend if he would care if one day he came home and there were hundreds of planters there. He reluctantly said "no...." and I got to work! I don't think he was always too happy living amongst walls of planters, but now he's my fiance so I guess it worked out!

This year we moved out of CA and back to Western WA where I was born and raised. We spend our free time hiking, eating tacos, and watching Harry Potter. Even though I'm definitely a PNW girl at heart, desert landscapes and southwest architecture will always be the inspiration for my designs.

Our planters are sourced from a manufacturer and hand painted in my little studio in Kingston, WA.

What's with the name??

This whole thing started when I bought an Olive tree and I couldn't find anything to plant it in that actually looked pretty! There were tons of beautiful small planters on the market, but so few in large sizes. Since that little tree put this biz into motion, I wanted to pay homage to it in the name. So no, I don't live on Olive street (my street name is far less cute), but I love that it sounds like directions home. Which is really what this brand is all about -- creating a space you're always happy to return to.