What are the planters made out of??

Our planters are made of fiberglass and painted with acrylic paint.

What is fiberglass? 

It’s a lightweight material made from woven fibers of glass held together with resin, just like what boats and cars are made of. After researching and owning all the different planter materials I could find, I found fiberglass to be the most practical for large planters due to its weight, and the most durable. It also looks sleek and modern! Win win!

What makes this better than a clay or ceramic planter?

Fiberglass is the most durable material for planters. It can withstand all the elements from below freezing to hot hot hot. It is rust/uv/frost/corrosion resistant. They will last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

Fiberglass makes the most sense for large pots because it is lightweight. Fiberglass is about 1/3 the weight of traditional ceramic planters, so even one person can move it with ease.

Fiberglass is nonporous so it can actually prevent water evaporation and require less watering. 

While these planters are extremely durable to the elements, they can crack if dropped, so be careful when moving them around.

Do these have drainage holes?

Drainage holes can be added if requested, just send us a note at checkout if you want one! By default we don't include a drainage hole. Since we don't have saucers, we typically recommend putting a layer of rocks at the bottom of your planter or using a nursery pot inside, unless your planter will be permanently outdoors.

Do you make the planters?

I do not make the fiberglass planters, but I do make the concrete planters by hand. The fiberglass planters are sourced from a manufacturer in Canada and then I hand paint them in my little studio in Kingston, WA.

How do I clean my planter?

If dirt or scuffs happen, just wipe your planter down with a damp towel. Be careful not to use a rough surface or scrub too hard as you could take the paint off. 


What size should I get? 

There is a thickness to the rim of the planter, so the inner diameter is slightly smaller than the size of the planter (all inner dimensions are given in the product descriptions). If you are using a nursery pot, we recommend getting a size that is at least 2in larger than your nursery pot. Feel free to reach out if you aren't sure.

How much does the planter weigh?

Each size and shape is different, but for reference our 12in cylinders weigh about 4 pounds. 

Can I order a custom design?

At this time we can not accommodate custom designs. We do consider custom colors, so reach out if you are interested and we'll see what we can do!


How long until my planter arrives?

Most of our solid colors will ship in 1-3 business days. Our designs are hand-painted to order and will ship within 10 business days. After that, shipping takes about 3-5 business days in the US and 7-10 business days international. 

My planter hasn't arrived yet, what should I do?

If it's been more than 10 days and you haven't gotten an email with your tracking info, please reach out! 

If you did get a tracking notice and it's been more than the time listed above, the package may be lost. Please reach out and we'll send a replacement asap.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

If you would like to return your unused planter, you can return it for a full refund within 14 days of arrival. Contact us and we'll help you with the process. Please note, you will be responsible for covering shipping on the return. 

If you would like to exchange it for a different size or color, let us know within 14 days of arrival. Just send us an email and we'll get you a return slip and shipping info. Please note, you will be responsible for shipping the original planter back to us.

My planter arrived damaged, what can I do?

It is very important to us that your planter arrives in perfect condition, if it arrived damaged, let us know asap and we will replace it.